Published On: Thu, Jun 11th, 2015

Dutch Parliament will debate on Curaçao oil refinery

Dutch parliamentTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - The Lower House of the Dutch Parliament will talk in due course about the pollution caused by the Isla refinery and the role the Netherlands could possibly play in solving the problems. Backed by the factions of opposition parties CDA and SP, Member of Parliament Wassila Hachchi of D66 initiated the debate.

The reason for requesting the debate was the attention of the Dutch national news broadcast last Tuesday on the pollution and the protest by the residents of the neighborhood Wishi. “We, as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, cannot look away from the damage brought about by the Isla refinery in Curaçao to humans and the environment. Recent reports even show that there are substances that are carcinogenic,” she said yesterday.

Next to the Minister of Kingdom Affairs, Ronald Plasterk, Hachchi wants to also speak to the Dutch Junior Minister, Wilma Mansveld of Environment about the possibility to find a solution immediately.

The president of the Foundation for Clean Environment Curaçao (Smoc), Peter van Leeuwen, has high hopes that the Netherlands will excercise its guarantee function, regulated by Article 43 of the Statute, with regards to the pollution of Isla and BOO. In other words, that the Netherlands will intervene because Curaçao is not doing enough. “The Netherlands can no longer hide behind “this is an autonomous thing”. There is mismanagement and human rights abuses,” said Van Leeuwen.

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