Published On: Sun, Oct 7th, 2012

Dutch Politician rectifies misunderstanding

WILLEMSTAD – The Dutch politician Ronald van Raak mentioned, during a broadcast of Pauw and Witteman” in the Netherlands, names of persons who in his opinion, would not pass the screening for the position of minister on Curaçao. "And I have also mentioned the name of René Rosalia, not the name of Alex Rosaria," says Van Raak.

SP Member of Parliament Ronald van Raak has stressed in a statement that he meant René Rosalia when he spoke of ministers who do not pass the screening. "There is a misconception that I would have spoken about Alex Rosaria of PAIS. That is certainly not the case”, says Van Raak.

The issue of screening has been a heated debate lately and more so during the two years of Government Schotte who according to reports, there were ministers, including the former Prime Minister, did not qualify to be ministers.

One of the assignments given to the interim government is to present a law that makes screening mandatory for all candidates presented for the position of ministers. According to Prime Minister Betrian, this law will be passed before the new government is formed.

Image: Bas Stoffelsen

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