Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2018

E.A.M.-M. extradited today to USA

Extradition_Venezuela_USAWILLEMSTAD - The man E.A.M.-M. (Venezuela, 30 August 1976) was extradited by Curaçao to the United States this morning, Thursday 29 November 2018. He had been in 'extradition detention' in the SDKK prison since 13 August 2016, pending the legal procedure regarding extradition. He was transferred at Hato airport by the police of Curaçao to US Marshalls for a commercial flight to the US.

It concerns an extradition at the request of the State Department of the United States, issued by the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The man is being sought in the US for a drug transport.

The extradition took place on the basis of the Extradition Treaty between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the United States of America and the Extradition Agreement between the European Union and the United States of America and the Extradition Decree of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

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