Published On: Mon, Dec 10th, 2012

Events around Curacao Refinery in a nutshell

WILLEMSTAD — The government has lifted the suspension of Herbert Mensche, interim director of Refineria di Kòrsou (Curacao Refinery) (RdK), and suspended the full Supervisory Board (SB), pending the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders (AGM) next Friday. According to Finance Minister Jose Jardim the SB keeps the public company RdK hostage. The unions of the Isla refinery, PWFC and Apri, stand behind the decision of the Government. On Friday morning, they prevented the employees from CRU to enter the premises.

The RdK’s subsidiary, Curacao Refinery Utilities (CRU), is the manager of the BOO power plant. This plant supplies power to Aqualectra and the oil refinery. On Friday afternoon, the unions intensified their actions. Starting with hindering the supply of fuel to the filling station. These actions cannot count on the sympathy of Van der Dijs. If the unions continue denying access to the site then it will become a case in court.
The SB goes against the decision of the shareholder to appoint Mensche as temporary director, this is what Jardim declared during a press conference. The government has lost confidence in the Board. According to the Minister the Board act as if the public company is their private property. In particular, the actions of President of the Board Oswald van der Dijs are rejected by the shareholder (government).

Friday, December 14 there will be a general shareholder meeting with one agenda point,  suspension i.e. the dismissal of one or more members of the board. Two days before the government decides on the SB of the utility company Aqualectra. Van der Dijs is also the President of the Board at that company. According to Jardim, the Board failed to fulfill its task properly. The members would not in fulfill their duties the interest of the country.

Advocate Mr. Eric de Vries stated, in response to the suspension by the Government, that it is illegal and against the RdK statutes. If the suspension is not lifted, the Board will not hesitate to take legal action against Jardim.

According to Jardim many abuses occurred at RdK and Aqualectra. For example, employees of Agriculture Department (LVV) were paid with checks from RdK. These abuses, according to him are due to the Supervisory Board. Meanwhile Yamil Lasten, director of fuel distributor Curoil, resigned as member of the Board of RdK. The other members are: Sidney "Bicho" Justiana, Henk Deira Jubert Sambo and Anthony Eustatius.

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