Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2018

FAS files a complaint: Former government formateur guilty of fraud

Glenn CameliaWILLEMSTAD - Law firm FCW Legal incorrectly claimed a large number of hours in late 2013 and early 2014 for a lawsuit between a number of board members of Tayer Soshal (Social Workplace) and the Government of Curaçao. This appears from a complaint filed by the Fundashon Akshon Sivil, FAS, (Civil Action) at th the Public Prosecution in mid-April.

According to FAS, Camelia is guilty of, among other things, fraud.

FAS accuses the former informateur, former formateur and attorney Glenn Camelia of FCW Legal, outside of retainer contracts to have charged exorbitant invoices. A retainer fee is a fixed monthly amount for legal assistance.

One of the examples in the complaint revolves around the lawsuit between the management of Tayer Soshal and the Government of Curaçao. Former Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Development Jean Marie Francisca of Pueblo Soberano (PS) wanted to appoint three new PS-affiliated board members to Tayer Soshal. The sitting board did not agree with that.

According to FAS, it is clear from the procedural documents that the case is legally unreasonable. FCW Legal would have indicated each time that they had been dealing with procedural documents for dozens of hours, while the file contained only a few pages. In total, 337 hours were charged in that case, according to FAS in his declaration.

FCW Legal has, according to FAS, has invoiced in a very rough manner and in such an excessive way that this should be classified as fraud, according to the complaint.

Camelia has issued a press release in which the lawyer explains that civil service matters would not fall within the retainer. Remarkable, since within the government it only concerns civil servants.

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