Published On: Wed, Feb 8th, 2017

Filiatreault doubts survival InselAir Aruba

P1070576WILLEMSTAD - The new chairman of the management of the local airline InselAir, Gilles Filiatreault, will act decisively to stop the loss of 1.5 million dollars that company is suffering at the moment each month. Filiatreault also wonders whether they should continue with InselAir Aruba.

Juny Sluis who was recently appointed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer Flight Operations and Technical traveled to Aruba to check what else is needed to be done to have the Aruban Civil Aviation Authority release the four MD airplanes. These airplanes were grounded almost two weeks ago due to uncertainty in their safety. The management team established a two-week action plan.

The airline also leased aircraft from other airlines to get is flight schedule back on track. Some 22 destinations will be temporarily removed in order to reduce costs. Additionally, Filiatreault emphasized that in terms of safety, there is nothing wrong with the company’s aircraft.

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