Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2012

FOL leader does not support screening bill

WILLEMSTAD – Last week Prime Minister Stanley Betrian presented the screening bill to parliament for approval. There is a large group on the island that would like to see this bill pass in parliament before elections.

Anthony Godett, leader of the political party FOL is of the opinion that the bill is not correct and would not support it. There is also a recommendation from the Council of State to adapt certain articles in the bill.

The expectations are high to pass this bill into law to screen candidate ministers. This law could eliminate discussions on integrity of candidate ministers because if they don’t pass the screening than simply they won’t become ministers.

Curacao parliament has convoked a meeting of the central committee to discuss this bill. In this meeting the minister of finance will also give information on the national dialogue which was initiated with the unions to come with solutions to the financial problems.

According to Godett, this bill is not correct and it had to be discussed in the coalition before being presented to parliament. Godett is of the opinion that this bill goes too far in a democratic society and might prevent a chosen candidate to become minister. Godett sees this bill as a way to prevent “certain” people to become ministers and he cannot cooperate with it. According to Godett, if they pass this bill than not even pastors can become ministers.

Another aspect of the law indicates that after it has been approved into law, then only 2/3 of the parliament can amend it. Godett says that if 2/3 is needed to amend the law, then 2/3 is needed to approve it in the first place.

If the people want a politician to become minister then there can’t be any law to prevent this, no matter their past or financial standing.

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