Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

For PS end result is more important than what others want to hear

Jaime-CordobaWILLEMSTAD – “Everything that was said the Minister of Justice, the Deputy Constable and the Public Prosecution during the recent press conference were information which could be shared with the public without putting the process of investigation at risk,” this is according to Member of Parliament for Pueblo Soberano (PS) Jaime Cordoba. Pueblo Soberano is the party of the assassinated leader Helmin Wiels. According to Cordoba the end result of the investigation is more important than what the public and the media wants to hear.

According to Cordoba the media wants to push the case in all directions. "I was a policeman for 40 years, so I know how these things go. The investigation team makes an analysis of the information that may be brought out in public. Then the analysis is submitted to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), which then gives the green light or not. Information held by the investigation team can only be made public if the investigation is completed,” Cordoba indicated.

"The press now knows a little bit more, that there are some people in sight and that we are working on the investigation. For the rest we must all wait quietly.”

Navarro admitted yesterday that he found it a bit strange that Parliament has not asked him first for advice whether it makes sense to give a press conference. “Before a motion is presented, the government is always asked for their counsel, so it was in this case. Navarro was asked what he thinks of the motion. So if Navarro had a different opinion than he had to say that so immediately,” Cordoba stressed.

Cordoba said to have confidence in the investigation and believes that it is heading in the right direction. As a member of parliament I follow the investigation closely. In addition there are many eyes focused on the progress, the entire population and some part of the world wants to know how it ends. The investigation team must prove that it is moving in the right direction and that they want to solve it. If it goes wrong, then they have a big problem, I'm sure. I the first to immediately start shouting in parliament,” Cordoba said in closing.

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