Published On: Thu, Nov 8th, 2012

Formation process almost at a conclusion

WILLEMSTAD - The parties MAN, MFK and PAR were guests at informateur Glenn Camelia yesterday. These three parties, each represented by three board members, received five questions from Mr. Camelia which have to be answered by this afternoon.

Depending on the result of these conversations, Camelia will propose a fourth party which can join the other three parties Pueblo Soberano, PAIS and PNP - to create a new government that can count on a majority in parliament.

PS, PAIS and PNP have signed a “joint effort” declaration last Tuesday morning , in which the parties indicate their efforts to, on the basis of the ten seats the parties have together (PS five, PAIS four and one PNP), to form a government coalition.

The five questions the other three parties have received are:  Is the political organization (PAR, MFK and MAN) willing to form a coalition with PS, PAIS and PNP? Are there specific conditions named in which the party is willing to cooperate with? Can the party indicate three subjects which, according to the party, should be included in the coalition agreement? Is the political organization able and willing to reach to an agreement with other political organizations and to comply with these? Is the political organization willing to continuously strive to work for the entire Curaçaoan community for four years?

The PAR and MFK gathered last night in their party office to discuss the five different questions. The MAN decided to meet today.

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