Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2015

Former PNP leader deeply disappointed in her party

Maria Liberia PetersWILLEMSTAD - Former Prime Minister and party leader Maria Liberia-Peters is deeply disappointed about the latest developments in the PNP. In a letter to the board of the coalition party she expresses her disappointment over the affairs of the PNP where people who disagree with the current leadership immediately use obscene words to describe them.

Liberia-Peters did not want to comment on her letter, but indicated that she could not find herself in the way she herself was criticized by the party board in recent days.

Some of the party leadership members indicated that she’s the one behind all the problems between current party leader, Humphrey Davelaar and former Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Development, Earl Balborda.

Liberia-Peters rejects these accusations indicating that she has always sacrificed for the party. “For years I have fought for the party. I leaded the party to various electoral victories, while using money from my own pocket. And then someone in the leadership of the party, where you are a member of, says something like this about me. I would not have minded if it was someone from another party, but it is someone who on the board, who is influential in determining the direction of the party.”

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