Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Former Prime Minister Ys: “Those responsible for mismanagement public companies should be placed on black list”

WILLEMSTAD – The government must create a blacklist of the names of those responsible for mismanagement at public companies as members of the supervisory board or as members of the management team.

This is according to the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Etienne Ys.

These people should never work for the government again, according to Ys. That list should also include accountants and lawyers who are partly responsible for mismanagement. Ys made this declaration following the result of the survey of the civilian investigator and former judge Huub Willems.

This report clearly indicates that in particular the public companies Aqualectra and Refineria di Korsou (Curaçao Oil Refinery) suffered major financial setbacks because of mismanagement during the Schotte-government.

According to the former Prime Minister a blacklist should ensure that commissioners, directors and shareholders are convinced that they bear personal responsibility for the policy of a public company and that they are not an extension of the government or a political party. Those who are responsible for mismanagement should he held personally liable for what happens at the public company.

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