Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

Franco: ‘Many of the laws for the new country Curacao were not implemented after 10-10-10’

Mike FrancoWILLEMSTAD – The law regarding the ‘Council for the Public Health’ was put on a definite list when the constitutional change came into force on October 10, 2010 (the famous 10-10-10). President of Parliament, Marcolino Franco indicated that the Island Territory of Curacao had the so called ‘Council for the Public Health’, but the Netherlands Antilles did not have this Council. The definite list came about because the Antilles gave a mandate to the Executive Council of the Island Territory of Curacao to evaluate the existing laws both in their territory and on the Federal level to see which ones were supposed to be eliminated or kept. The reason for this was to start the new country with a set of new laws.

During the process to start a new country, some major errors were made in this list of laws. When certain laws were dealt with, experts were not able to find them back in the constitution of the new country Curacao. “We are exercising certain laws because they have become tradition and some of them when we tried to propose change to them, we could not find them back in our constitution. Experts are analyzing the situation in each Ministry to see what laws are supposed to be on the list and add them to the so called positive list which has to be approved by Parliament. There are laws which just need some small changes like Island Territory of Curacao should become Curacao. The Netherlands Antilles should also become Curacao. Many of these laws are much older than 40 years and at this moment Parliament wants to update them.

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