Published On: Wed, Jun 18th, 2014

General Comptroller: “Many civil servants receive pay while not working”

Government centerWILLEMSTAD – The General Comptroller (GC) indicated in their annual report 2014 that there are several civil servants who are not working but still receiving a regular salary. The GC analyzed each Ministry and has noted various serious offenses in the Ministry in charge of Social Development, Labor and Welfare (SOAW).

The GC has noted that in that Ministry, there are several civil servants who are being paid, but they are never present at their work. These civil servants are not even registered as disabled or on long term leave.

The GC has also indicated in the report to the Parliament that the process description in this Ministry is not finalized and is not definitive. This Ministry, as is the case with other Ministries, does not have an official who is in charge of the financial controls. Also, the authority to sign for financial transactions is not adjusted accordingly and neither the employees nor the bank are informed about this.

The measures taken to change the whole administration in the department of welfare are not sufficient.  The law requires a constant financial control and this is not being done by the departments. There is no adequate registration of those on welfare and the period they are to receive this government support. There is also no registration of medical care for those on welfare.

Another problem that has been noted is that there is no adequate communication channel between the SOAW and the Ministry of Finance.

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