Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2012

Good governance important in Kingdom relations, says Rutte

THE HAGUE – Good governance will be an important factor in the relations of the new Rutte-Asscher cabinet with the Dutch Caribbean.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated this in the governing declaration that he read in the Second Chamber on Tuesday. He said that choices had to be made to realise a solid public government that was equipped for the future.

Rutte said that the cabinet would set "clear steps" on this issue. He mentioned the provincial administrations and the joining of the provinces North-Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland, followed by a single line about the Dutch Caribbean.

"The cabinet will assume the same constructive, but clear attitude in the relations with the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom," he stated. This was the only reference to the islands in the governing declaration.

Rutte said the most important objective of the new cabinet, which was installed last week Monday, was to get The Netherlands out of the crisis in a solid and social way and to strengthen the country for the future.

The Prime Minister emphasized that everyone in The Netherlands will have to realise that things are serious. The economic growth will be lower for a longer period of time than the people are used to.

The cabinet has presented a package of austerity measures of 16 billion euros in an effort to realise a balanced budget at the end of this government period. This amount is added to the 32 billion euros that earlier cabinets already pledged to save. "That cannot be done without pain. We realise full well that we are asking great offers from all Dutch people," Rutte said.

The Second Chamber debated all Tuesday afternoon and evening with Rutte and members of his cabinet about the governing declaration and the cost cutting measures that will be taken. The opposition parties assumed a highly critical position.

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