Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2013

Government employees rebel

WILLEMSTAD – There is more and more concern among the civil servants on the measures to be introduced by the government and the ensuing consequences, said Abvo-chairman Wendy Calmes. The union leader emphasized that the government is not to enforce measures without reaching agreement – as per legal stipulations – in the deliberation platform between the government and government unions, the Central Organized Consultation in Civil Service Affairs (GOA). The civil servants are worried about the government’s plans for the basic medical insurance (bvz) and the adjustment of the pension insurance (aov). The government forwarded these proposals to the Advisory Council without having reached agreement in the GOA. This led the Central Committee of Unions (CCvV), the deliberation platform of government unions, to write a stiff letter to the government denouncing the government’s course of action.

The unions have meanwhile received a last draft of the bvz, which states civil servants are excluded form the new basic medical insurance, but it doesn’t mention that the unions will be added to the bvz mid 2015 as per national decree. A previous draft actually mentioned the opposite. The Social Statute expires mid 2015. This government regulates the transition of civil servants from the former entities the country the Netherlands Antilles and the Island Territory Curaçao to the new country Curaçao. The government and civil service unions agreed the public servants wouldn’t lose any rights mentioned in this document. Despite the adjustment, Calmes insists these proposals are discussed in the bvz. “We want to know for certain if this proposal has indeed been sent to the Advisory Council”, said Calmes.

Civil servants rebel

Abvo-chairman Calmes is still concerned about the adjustment of the aov. “Rising the retirement age will have drastic consequences for the civil servants. After all they assumed to retire at 60 but now learn it will be 65 with all its consequences. The union and the government are to reach agreement on this.”

Abvo-chairman Calmes warns there will be consequences if the government enforces the announced measures. “The concern will only increase. We are now hearing numerous rumors that no indexation and wage increase will be paid. If these rumors prove to be true the government will face huge problems. The government is to behave as employer and an employer is to take good care of the personnel. After all the employers are to pursue the government’s policy. Apparently the government is not aware of its task. The civil servants are the first to be effected whenever measures are introduced, but this is not the way it works.”

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