Published On: Fri, Mar 2nd, 2018

Government looking for formula to better synchronize education and labor market

Education_LaborWILLEMSTAD - Recently the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Mrs. Marilyn Alcala-Wallé together with the Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare, Mr. Hensley Koeiman met with their ministries and Mrs. G. van Lieshout to address the project “Learning while working & Learning and working”.

The objective is to come up with ways to better educate the people for the labor market but also for them to have a proper education which makes them qualified for jobs on the island.

The two ministries are synchronizing the trajectory to guarantee that more people will get a job after their studies and that the labor market can get better-qualified employees.

Currently, there is a deficit between what the education sector is producing and what the labor market is offering. Working together, these ministries can reach an agreement in which the education and labor sectors are connected. According to both Ministers, this is the way the government can prepare the people to be more qualified for the specific jobs being offered on the island.

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