Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

Governor: “We need each other”

GovernorWILLEMSTAD - In her Christmas message on Christmas Day, the Governor of Curaçao, Mrs. Lucille George-Wout emphasized that a positive attitude is indispensable for Curaçao. “Every advance, however small, starts with a positive view of things.”

George Wout indicated that it has been five years now since Curaçao has gained its autonomous status within the Dutch Kingdom. “Although expectations at that time were high, this anniversary is one that does not generate positive feelings. It is also questionable whether the expectations were realistic. Many believe that there was not enough progress in Curaçao during this period,” said the Governor, who points out crime as a serious problem.

Also, the economic situation is still “not flourishing,” says George Wout. “And social issues are screaming for a solution. Unfortunately, such simple things like a house, a decent meal, proper training and a job are still not obvious things on our island,” said the Governor.

“It is our job, actually, our duty to reverse this trend, and not to become dormant in the situation.” The Governor indicated in her message that the society is talking and debating about the increasingly difficult social issues, although sometimes they are extremely painful.

In the Kingdom, in Curaçao, in the neighborhoods and also at home, everywhere, conflicts and contradictions are common, said George-Wout. “Often this is caused by a lack of confidence. We have to continue to work hard on building confidence in the people. Sometimes, it is necessary that we step over our own shadows first and reach out to others. We should not grow apart, but rather toward each other, because we have need of each other.”

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