Published On: Thu, Feb 11th, 2016

Half a million of each ministry for pensioners

Omayra-Leeflang-2WILLEMSTAD - Independent Member of Parliament Omayra Leeflang made a proposal to pay for the indexation of pensions for retirees.

Recently the Minister of Finance, Dr. Jose Jardim appealed the decision of the court in this case. The lawsuit was filed by the trade union ABVO and the court ruled that the government had no argument to stop paying the indexation for retirees with a cost of living allowance component.

In a press release Jardim indicated that he had to appeal because the government believes that different aspects of the decision fall outside of the judicial function. Jardim also said that the court did not sufficiently take into account the consideration made by the government in the decision not to index.

The Minister indicated to the coalition partners that the cost involved with the indexation is over 4 million guilders. The jurisprudential consequences have also played a role in the Minister’s decision to appeal. His decision was heavily criticized by both the coalition members as the opposition.

The Independent MP now comes with a proposal to get the funds needed for the indexing of the pension. In a letter to Jardim, the Independent MP proposes that all ministries of the country Curaçao, including the parliament, could contribute each with half million guilders. This will provide five million guilders for the pensioners.

Leeflang states that because pensioners have worked for several ministries, the ministries should all contribute.

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