Published On: Tue, Aug 21st, 2012

Helmin Wiels wants RKSC to be investigated

WILLEMSTAD - Pueblo Soberano-leader Helmin Wiels has a filed a request for investigation with the public prosecutor's Office for an investigation into abuses at the Roman Catholic School Board (RKSC).

Wiels says that he only has submitted a request for investigation and no complaint has been filed. According to the party leader the RKCS is scamming the parents. RKCS refusing to cooperate with the Government with the introduction of free education and they demand payment from the parents. "That is equivalent to violating the rights of the child. The Government has determined that every child can enjoy free education on Curaçao but RKSC refuses to perform.

Lisette van Lamoen Garmers, director of the RKCS, said early this month that she still insists on the customary procedures whereby parents should give a contribution. The school board has received a cheque from the beginning of August of seven million guilders to finance the free education. According to Van Lamoen-Garmers seven million is 70 percent of the total amount needed.


If there is more clarity then we will settle with the parents according to the Director. Wiels says that he doesn’t worry about the complaint, which Lamoen-Garmers has filed, against his person. According to the director, Wiels has threatened her in his radio program Sivíl Konsenshi. Wiels said about the complaint that it is  "Baloney". "I am not concerned with individuals, but with corruption and abuses in the society and within organizations.

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