Published On: Tue, Sep 8th, 2015

Holland to carry out investigation into ties under- and upperworld St. Maarten and Curacao

Public ProsecutionPHILLIPSBURG, WILLEMSTAD - As promised during the March 20th 2015 General Consultation on the “State of the Administration of Aruba, Curacao and St Maarten and the General Consultation of the Kingdom Conference of May 20th 2015. The Judicial quad-partite consultations of June 8th 2015 which took place in St Maarten, also on behalf of the Minister of Defense and Justice on strenghtening law enforcement in the countries of the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom.

This letter thus also focuses on the Motion by Van Raak and Bosman concerning an investigation within the framework of the Kingdom concerning the illegal interaction between the Curacao and St Maarten underworld. Aruba, Curacao and St Maarten after the Judicial Quad-partite consultations of last January.

Given a detailed response to the proposals of the Netherlands, which are processed by the Netherlands in a joint plan. This plan, which defines the guidelines and still needs to be developed further, is a part of the Judicial quad-partitie consultations of June 8th 2015.

During this Judicial Four Party Consultation, the Ministers of Justice of Aruba, Curacao, and St Maarten affirmed the need to strenghten law enforcement in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. Additional comments and suggestions from the Caribbean countries will be put forward shortly in favor of the further development of the joint deployment.

In processing this input will be considered whether it is necessary to establish a working group towards the Judicial Four-Party consultations to take place on December 9th 2015.

It appears that an investigation into the illegal connection between the underworld and the Curacao and St Maarten is a part of this plan. I shall, together with the Minister of Defence and Security will continue efforts to strenghten the structure deemed necessary by the Judicial Quad-partite consultations on the law enforcement chain in the countries of the Dutch Caribbean part of the Kingdom through chapeter IV of the National Budget to provide financial coverage.

Ahead of the comprehensive plan to strenghten law enforcement in the countries of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of St Maarten a protocol agreed on May 24 2015 which will see the establishment of an Integrity Chamber and the strenghtening of the law enforcement chain in St Maarten.

The Ordinance Integrity Chamber on 18th August adopted by the Statesof St Maarten. If the agreement of the protocol have not sufficiently seized their short term in an ordinance.

I shall afterconstulting the Kingdom of the Raad van Staat by order in National Board Guarantee the legal basis. The first steps to prioritize the Integrity House at this time. The protocol also remains for the provisions onstrenghtening the law enforcement in full force.

Agreed to the strenghtening of law enforcement givena boost financially of 22.1 million Euro for the period of 2015-2017. We have the Attorney General of Curacao, St Maarten and the BES Islands, respect the efforts of the Public Prosecutor, the police chief of the National Police, with respect to the deployment of the RST and the President of the Joint Court requested these funds to provide a programmatic approach and strengthening the fight aginst cross-border crime and crimes against the severity or frequency or the organized context in which they commetted a serious breach of the law.

Whereby priority transboundary subversive crime must be tackled. This highly international and interregional crimes a direct threat to both countries both in the Caribbean and in the Netherlands. This crime undermines the Kingdom as a whole and should therefore be fought at a Kingdom level.

The Criminal Investigation Team, the Public Minister and the Joint Court will deploy as many specialized capacity in this context the benefit of St Maarten. This may, after consultation with the Chief in St Maarten provide a direct line of authority to the Office of the Attorney General. Although the deployment is primarily focused in St Maarten, it will also have an effect on Curacao.

By Judith Roumou

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