Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2012

House of Curaçao investigates anonymous complaints via e-mail

THE HAGUE — The Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary of Curaçao is investigating an e-mail with complaints on one of the employees, Ramon Yung. The sender of the mail is anonymous but the writer or writers allege that the complaint is forwarded on behalf and by employees of the minister plenipotentiary. Robert Candelaria, officially still director of the House of Curaçao is entrusted with the investigation even though he was actually off en route to his pension.

Otti Thomas

Minister plenipotentiary Sheldry Osepa said Wednesday the employees had been heard in the meantime but there’s no clarity on who sent the mail. Nevertheless, the investigation revealed that Yung had only carried out a minority of the catering activities by order of the House of Curaçao. This particular mail complained that Yung had assumed the majority of the catering activities. Earlier on Osepa announced he took the matter seriously and would investigate. The writer or writers are requested to report to him anonymously and that no disciplinary measures would be taken.


The email, written in poor Papiamentu, states that the employees can get along fine with Osepa, but not with Yung, who worked as a journalist on Curaçao for a long time and became an employee of Osepa last year. Yung supposedly assumes all communication activities, often travels to Curaçao at the expense of the government and arranges work for his children, for instance as caterer of the House of Curaçao. The email stated “We’re in the middle of the campaign period and don’t wish to support any party with this, but keep Osepa here please and fire this egoist in the interest of our work floor”.

Yung suspects the complaints are related to the changes in policy which he introduced at the House of Curaçao and with the upcoming elections. “It’s true that as soon as I joined the House of Curaçao I started the process to improve the internal communication and worked on teambuilding because it was necessary”, he wrote in reply on Facebook, for that matter not as employee of the House of Curaçao but as a private person.

Yung wrote he actually appreciates employees presenting proposals for a better policy and encourages them to do so. It was not his decision but the management’s to also give work to youngsters and in the case of the catering during Dia di Bandera, it regarded a special committee.

Yung also responds to the other accusations. His trips to Curaçao were never at the expense of the government and the decision from the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary not to sponsor the theater performance ‘Tula, the Untold Story’ was justified. “According to my modest opinion, as a good yu’i Korsou, there’s only one history of Tula. There cannot be two”, said Yung. Despite the story that’s told, the House of Curaçao doesn’t have the funds to subsidize such activities, he wrote. In conclusion, Yung states neither does he have the huge influence attributed to him in the complaint e-mail.

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