Published On: Thu, Oct 25th, 2012

Independence not a campaign issue

WILLEMSTAD – “The Interpretation of the majority of the Dutch Politics (Lower House) and the Dutch press that the election should be seen as a choice for independence was short-sighted, premature and even irresponsible.” This is according to the Industry Association Curacao (VBC).

The employers' organization is satisfied that the election went without any major incidents.” Now that there is a mandate given by the voters, it is important that political leaders assume responsibility for the prosperity and welfare of all citizens of Curacao.”

Because Dutch politicians and media focus on the independence issue, it puts pressure on the living and investment climate and trust on the stability in Curaçao with such a simplistic and inaccurate analysis and conclusions. First, the independence was not the purpose of the election campaign. Secondly, 22.6 percent of the electorate cast their vote on Pueblo Soberano, the political party that pursues independence. This is not the majority. Third, and perhaps most important argument is that the population of Curaçao has the last word when deciding whether or not to go for independence. This main assumption is also confirmed and recognized by Pueblo Soberano.

There is therefore an urgent appeal on the Dutch politicians and the press to avoid unnecessary panic, according to the VBC. “Curaçao is best helped if, after years of debate about the desired political structure and the constitutional model there can finally be rest on this front.

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