Published On: Mon, Oct 8th, 2012

Interim Government working on improving situation on Curacao

WILLEMSTAD - One of the aspects the interim government wants to underline is the commitment to work on improving the situation on Curacao.

The cabinet wants to create a platform were everybody, notwithstanding the different opinions, can find one another and concentrate on issues that are beneficial to Curacao.

The current government is of the opinion that together we can break the impasse and initiate projects that can bring employment for the people of Curacao. This cabinet wants to change the perception and image of Curacao to improve development for the island.

Curacao was not born on 10-10-10. Curacao knows many challenges and this current government has full confidence that Curacao will prosper.

This government wants to call on all people for a dialogue, but also to respect each other and work hard to reach common goals. The interim government wants to send a strong signal to the “international world” that here on Curacao, all steps were taken according to a democratic and constitutional system.

Curacao remains an open and peaceful country focused on regional and international cooperation. The government reaffirms that it always guarantee the rule of law and public order.

The interim government has thanked its partners in the Kingdom who since the beginning has given their support to Curacao and its new government.

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