Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2013

Isla Decision: ‘The Next Generation is counting on us’

Alex RosariaWILLEMSTAD - Decisions we make over the refinery, should be based on a healthy future for our children and grandchildren, said Alex Rosaria, political leader of PAIS.

Because these decisions have enormous implications, the final decision in this regard are the result of a broad public debate, which cannot be exclusively left to the politicians.

In preparation for this meeting public meeting on the refinery, the faction interviewed a large number of people. They listened to the environmental organizations’ point of view, such as foundation Clean Environment in Curaçao (SMOC), Defensa Ambiental, Amigu di Tera, former directors of the refinery, residents of nearby neighborhoods, such Wishi and Marchena, director of the Catholic School Board, employees and Unions, citizens, and Kids 4 Planet (young people who are committed to a clean environment).

The party leader does not thing that the future of Isla only a matter is of counting votes in Parliament. According to Rosaria this cannot be the way to deal with a decision reaching consequences, both in the short and long term. We would, therefore, that the debate on the future of our refinery also continues after the public meeting in Parliament because it is a future that affects all of us here in Curacao.

In the context of this broad public debate, all documents are requested from the Government, so that everyone is aware of the facts, the pros and cons involved in this discussion, and we can, even after the public meeting in Parliament, keep the discussion on the future of the island, with or without the refinery, alive.

We are very pleased that the Government has given in to our request on transparency and gave us all the reports on this issue.

PAIS realizes that the refinery is a very important sector for our economy, think of employment and foreign exchange earnings, but given the impact on our environment and health, the refinery cannot operate in this way and must at least comply with international environmental standards. The unchanged continuation of the production of the refinery, witnessed irresponsible behavior and is inconsistent with the principles of sustainability. It remains to be seen whether we will have a market for our products due to contemporary developments. We cannot pretend nothing is going on, like the environment and our people, who are suffering enormously. We need to impose stricter requirements and we need to have the desire to want to be better and to do it better. We do not only owe it to ourselves but also to the future generations.

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