Published On: Mon, May 19th, 2014

Jamaloodin lashes out at Asjes

George Jamaloodin

WILLEMSTAD - Former Minister of Finance and MFK member, George Jamaloodin has fiercely lashed out at Prime Minister Ivar Asjes. According to Jamaloodin, the prime minister is lying about wanting to reverse the seizure of salaries of SVB insured citizens. “Stop lying clown,” Jamaloodin writes on his Facebook page.

Last weekend it was announced that more than 80,000 policyholders have not paid their health insurance premium of 82 guilders. According to the Prime Minister, the Tax Inspectorate wants to put the government in a bad light. The Prime Minister said that the Tax Collector had to inform the government first. Jamaloodin pointed out that last year it was Ashes himself,
who agreed to the adoption of the new health insurance.

However, the two went much further than that. In his post on Facebook, Jamaloodin called Asjes “gay”. For many this was not acceptable and there was heavy criticism of Jamaloodin’s page. He removed his comments, but indicated that Asjes is the Prime Minister and he has to give an example to the community. Jamaloodin said this referring to the fact that Asjes called him a thief during the weekly party meeting.

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