Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2014

Jamaloodin’s laywer: “Public Prosecution suffers from tunnel vision”

Minister George JamaloodinWILLEMSTAD – According to Chester Peterson, who is the legal representative of former Minister of Finance, George Jamaloodin, the case Maximus, which is the investigation into the intellectual perpetrators behind the assassination of Helmin Wiels, can be considered as a political process for various reasons. Jamaloodin’s laywer, explained this in a press release with the title “Vishon di Tunel” (Tunnel Vision). This press release explains the actions of the Public Prosecution (OM) against his client.

Peterson is basing this on what he has read in the file on his client.

"Shortly after the assassination of Wiels, Prime Minister Ivar Asjes publicly said that the suspects behind this murder had to be sought in the lottery business,” the lawyer indicated.

This was a clear message to the Government that the investigation would be headed in that direction, Peterson said.

Therefore, the trial against Jamaloodin can never be a fair trial, he adds.

According to Peterson, the OM used contradictory statements from witnesses with mental health problems. "Witnesses who claim to have spoken to Jamaloodin in his office, when he was not even present on the island. The OM has even failed to investigate that little fact.

Also the minister plenipotentiary Marvelyne Wiels had stated that she knows for sure that Jamaloodin is responsible for the murder of her brother. Peterson says that she does not want to specify who her sources are.

In addition, the OM uses statements of a witness who is also criminally prosecuted for multiple murders. "This witness, namely K. aka Monster, has stated that the late Pretu (Luigi Florentina) had said that Dos Santos has paid to have Wiels murdered. Peterson also finds it quite remarkable that the file of the Criminal Investigation Team (RST) and the OM contains no declaration given by of Florentina himself.

The defense team is worried about political victims such as Jamaloodin, Schotte and Monk and has no confidence that there will be a fair trial. "Our clients feel helpless against injustice and fabrication of evidence. It is obvious that the government, controlled by Asjes and Justice Minister Nelson Navarro wants to blame their political opponents. First, it was Schotte, Monk and one Trona, who have contrived the murder and now it is Jamaloodin and his brother. This is apparent from the file on Jamaloodin.”

Peterson stresses that OM is suffering from tunnel vision.

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