Published On: Mon, May 15th, 2017

Jesus Leito: “We need inspections at all times!”

ZitaWILLEMSTAD – “We haven’t had inspections at supermarkets and mini markets for a long time,” said the former Minister of Public Health, Zita Jesus-Leito.

“Now everybody knows that we have the people in the public sector to perform these inspections. It’s now a question of discussing this and see how we can structure it.”

According to Jesus-Leito inspections are necessary at all times. “As a supermarket that respects itself and adheres to the rules, it shouldn’t have problems with these inspections.

Jesus-Leito explains that as a citizen she is very happy that “my government is concerned about my health. They do these inspections for me. They check if everything goes according to rules and regulations. This is how we should live on this island.”

As was reported recently, the Ministry of Economic Development performed inspections at several supermarkets and mini markets. Many of them are not complying with the rules. They are selling expired products.

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