Published On: Mon, Oct 31st, 2016

KdNT: “Is there any confidence in the new government?”

kdntWILLEMSTAD – President of the new party Korsou di Nos Tur (Curaçao for us all), Menki Rojer, recently asked the political leader of the winning party MAN, Hensley Koeiman if he is forming a government with the people that he trusts.

“MAN is currently negotiation with Pueblo Soberano (PS), PNP and PAR. These three parties are in the government,” Rojer said.

These three parties have decided to send the oil refinery negotiating team to China and are also appointing people at high places in the government and public companies before a new government is sworn in. Hensley Koeiman, who will probably be the island’s next Prime Minister, sends a letter to these three parties, PS, PNP and PAR to ask them to stop all these appointments and negotiations. “This means, that Koeiman does not have confidence in those he’s forming a government with,” said Rojer.

“Is it your business now who they appoint? The group of eight has already shown you that you have nothing to say.” The group of eight is the three parties that together have eight seats in parliament.

Rojer believes that the MAN should negotiate with the opposition factions to form a government and not with the parties that are currently in government. According to Rojer the opposition parties are MAN, MFK, Korsou di Nos Tur, Un Korsou Hustu and Movementu Progresivo, which are good for 13 seats in parliament. “This is a comfortable majority,” said Rojer.

According to Rojer, MAN does not have any power in the new coalition. The MAN is the only party to request a halt to all these negotiations and appointments. “This is not a way to start a new government.”

Photo: Korrsou di Nos Tur (Menki Rojer is standing in the middle)

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