Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

Koeiman: “Strike leads to bankruptcy InselAir”

Koeiman1WILLEMSTAD - To go on strike does not make sense and could lead to the bankruptcy of the local airline InselAir. This is according to the Minister of Labor, Social Development and Welfare, Hensley Koeiman. Recently there were reports about 150 employees who want the InselAir management to be dismissed.

These employees believe that the management has not succeeded in helping the airline come out of its financial problems. Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath has not responded to a letter from employees about this situation. The employees have already threated the government by saying that if the management does not go, they will lay down their work.

Trade unions conducted consultations with the management of InselAir this morning and will inform its members about it tonight. The outcome of that consultation is not yet known.

Of the 130 employees who have to leave, about 65 have indicated that they will resign voluntarily.

According to Koeiman, the remaining 65 will be forwarded to his ministry for permission to be fired. On the question of what the difference for employees is when they resign voluntarily or when they are fired, the Minister was not able to answer.

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