Published On: Wed, Dec 18th, 2013

Koense: ‘Minister Francisca has to wake up’

KoenseWILLEMSTAD - The union ‘Bond di Empleadonan den Comercio i Industria’ (BONECO) wants Minister Jean - Marie Fransisca ( labor) to adjust the minimum wage of 7.93 guilders. “The cost of living continues to rise alarmingly; everything becomes more and more expensive. This is also reflected in the figures of the Central Bureau of Statistics,” says the president of the union, Erwin Koense. The union has sent a letter to the Minister with the urgent request to adjust the minimum hourly wage. “It is time to wake up, Minister!”

According to Koense employees are often afraid to come out for themselves. “They should form a unity, because then you can achieve much more,” Koense believes.

“The majority of our membership consists mainly of female employees. They are not only afraid of losing their jobs, but they also carry a great responsibility. Often these women have to care for one or more children and need to support their household. We want the minister to take responsibility for this and contribute to these employees,” Koense indicated. In addition, the association believes it is important that in addition to the minimum wage, the employees have to labor under good conditions. “People should enjoy going to work,” Koense declared.

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