Published On: Fri, May 17th, 2013

Law To Protect Victims Of Domestic Violence

PAISWILLEMSTAD – PAIS has presented a bill in which they propose to impose a temporary restraining order against perpetrators in severe cases of domestic violence, child abuse and even in cases where there is a threat of domestic violence or child abuse. In the current situation victims of severe forms of domestic violence often get out of their house ‘voluntarily’ because of their health and safety. They must find shelter elsewhere. These are the victims who have pain, suffering and trauma and in these cases they often have to leave their confidential environment together with their minor children. They then become double victims of the circumstances. Political party PAIS wants to put an end to this situation. The perpetrator can be any member of the family, father, mother, and even a child. The initiative also gives the offender some rights. For example, the offender can submit an objection to the decision to ban he or she from their homes and they are also entitled to assistance and legal aid.

With the imposition of a temporary restraining one gets the space and time to deal with tensions or to give the family some rest. In this period, further measures must be taken to create structural solutions within the family. The ultimate goal is to address violence within families so that citizens can have peace and trust so they too can develop into full-fledged reliable and healthy citizens.

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