Published On: Mon, Oct 14th, 2013

Leeflang: ‘Pension Plan creates social disaster’

Omayra LeeflangWILLEMSTAD - Independent Member of Parliament, Omayra Leeflang and founder of Pensioner’s Justice (HP) believes that during the change of the pension plan a misguided law has been implemented. "The retirement age was increased to 65 without transition. This means that workers who will soon retire, will have a “gap” in their finances of 862 guilders every month for at least 3 years, because pension is paid only after they turn 65,” Leeflang indicated.

"The pension consists of a combination of the company's pension and the pensioner’s insurance. Workers will retire when they turn 60 or 62, which is what is contractually committed. The one, who has built a company pension, gets it after three or five years of their retirement. It turns out that 70 percent of retirees or pre-retirees have no company pension, so that means that they receive nothing. "

"The minister has only changed the retirement agreement, but not the law. Which still stands at 60", Leeflang declares. "Now that he has made this change, he should have at least come up with a transitional arrangement of at least nine months. The employer would then keep the employee at work a bit longer. But the arrangement was introduced from one day to another." According to Leeflang, the Minister creates social disasters. "The low-and middle class will simply go broke."

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