Published On: Tue, Jan 14th, 2014

Leeflang: ‘Pensioners are financially mistreated’

Omayra LeeflangWILLEMSTAD - Independent Member of Parliament and founder of Hustitia Penshonado (HP) (Justice for Pensioners) has sent a letter to Prime Minister Ivar Asjes about stopping the indexation of pensions. “Retirees have to lose 10 percent of their retirement and now they get to hear that the indexing will stop. When will this end? It looks like a financial abuse of seniors,” Leeflang said.

According to Leeflang, the way the measure was implemented is disrespectful. “The retirees received a letter last month from the pension fund stating that the government has decided not to adapt their income to the cost of living. But no one knows whether it is a temporary measure and if pensions will never be indexed again.” Indexation of pensions falls under the heading of the Ministry of Finance. But according to Leeflang in the letter it is not evident who takes the decision. “In the letter we read that it is the government that has taken this decision, this is why our letter is addressed to Asjes.”

“The government wants to take a series of austerity measures against public officials. They public employees walked out for a whole day and the government was healed,” the MP said. “Pensioners have started with a lawsuit, but apparently that is not enough. For this group there is only one rule and that is the ax. Maybe we should at some point approach the United Nations to ask for their attention for the abuse of retirees,” Leeflang indicated.

The lawsuit which was filed on December 9 of last year will resume this month.

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