Published On: Mon, Oct 23rd, 2017

Letter to the editor: The tentacles of Guangdong Zhenrong Energy

chinaThe tentacles of GZE to enable it to exert as much power and influence as possible in our local economy in Curaçao, are firmly clamped (but not unbreakably linked, in a legal sense) no matter how widespread in they are in the meantime.


1. In the oil-industry, a remarkable and masterfully executed ploy, since up to now GZE has not yet invested a single dime in our oil industry and such is not likely to happen either, because of the financial troubles which at the moment GZE is experiencing in the Far East. However in Curaçao they managed to lead three consecutive governments by a ring through the nose in negotiations, followed by more negotiations, during which their response was yes/no, yes/no, yes/no regarding their decision to modernize the age old refinery, a masterfully executed game in which they kept and continue to keep the government dangling on a string.

2. In the oil-industry again yes/no, yes/no, yes/no, yes, yes, yes, but maybe still no regarding the construction of a whole new refinery at Bullenbay. A full year, ever since November 2016 they kept harping on an Addendum and they managed to wrangle it out of the government too, by which they were offered an option to chose at their discretion: to either modernize the refinery, or to build a new one at Bullenbay. In this way they were legally relieved from their “firm”(?) commitment made by promises, promises, and more promises to upgrade the refinery.

3. co-operative agreements with all government-owned corporations through manipulation of the Cabinet, and in so doing GZE obtained a splendid position as a peeping Tom and become an insider with those corporations and as such become aware of all pending projects and thus effectively keep other (foreign) strategic partners off-side.

4. A proposal to incorporate an APC-bank (APC being the largest pension fund of Curaçao), in which GZE will participate with an input of capital amounting to 105 million Curaçao guilders (never mind GZE’s lack of funds in the Far East to comply with its financial obligations towards its business partners there. With this unholy plan the future pension benefits are put at stake, for the infant bank is likely to run up losses in the initial ears of operation.

5. an offer to FKP (Developer of Housing projects) to provide financing for the large housing project at Wishi, whereas GZE finds itself in dire financial straits in the Far East.

6. our tourist industry, since there is much money generating capacity in the restaurants and hotels, rumor has it GZE was going to bid on the public auction of the Plaza hotel but had to refrain from participating in the bidding process, because of its lack of funds in the Far East.

7. education----->Feffyk and the University of Curaçao (UoC), Feffyk under the guise of training our unskilled laborers for the oil industry (yes, probably using as medium for the transfer of knowledge Mandarin or a Cantonese dialect). And UoC with a donation of a Faculty, by which the academic independence of the university might become adversely affected.

8. our deep seaport Bullenbaai ---->this one first and foremost, before everything else is the coveted prize, the big fish for which GZE is in the process of spreading and tightly clamping its tentacles on all other pillars of our economy.

9. the hinterland at Bullenbaai----->in order to develop the transshipment port there and to keep it under its control and management and reap the profits derived from the operations, while leaving a few crumbs fo us.

10. Aqualectra---->the pivot on which our provision of energy (our electricity supply) hinges, then GZE will have a firm grip on the whole community and will be in a position to determine the tariffs to be billed to the consumers.

11.  Selikor-----àthe government company entrusted with waste management, in charge of collecting household garbage, but with the aid of GZE will also be charged with collecting and managing industrial waste, by which all the different companies who are already operational in this particular field, will be bulldozed out of business.

Last but not least: the construction of the LNG-terminal, although GZE, being a trader, is totally ignorant of the intricacies of such a complicated undertaking, lacks the know-how thereto, but its ultimate goal is to surreptitiously wrangle ownership of a great part of our seaport from us, by  legal means, either by a long term leasehold on the ground with accession of the water parcel, or by a B.O.O. regime for the construction. In this way Curoil will effectively have been bulldozed out of the gas market in the future, since out of necessity Curoil will have to switch from trading in oil to trading in gas in the future.

Within 10 to 15 years we will be a "département d'outremer" of China, not to be compared, however, with the relationships within the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the BES islands.

Or no, Curaçao will become a conquered country to provide economic benefit to China, who is going to earn billions of dollars with the commercial operation, not only of the natural resources of Curaçao, but also with other profitable sectors of the whole economy in Curaçao.

By Marguérite Nahar 

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