Published On: Sat, Oct 6th, 2012

Listening device discovered in MFK party office

According to the former prime minister Gerrit Schotte, bugging devices were found in offices of his political party. According to Schotte it involves equipments of high technological level, that only “certain groups” use. MFK held a press conference to announce this discovery.

They also broke into MFK’s temporary building in Caracasbaaiweg. The glass door was broken to pieces. This,  according to the former Prime Minister, was an 'inside job', because the stolen computers were exactly the ones where data from the interviewers of the party was stored. Amerigo Thode emphasized that the information is not lost and that MFK has backup. These computers were equipped with tracking devices' and are therefore traceable.

The party has received information about espionage, who, according to Schotte is not only limited to MFK but also at his home and in his car. "We can trace everything, we know who is responsible for espionage and sabotage, and we retain the equipment as evidence," says Schotte. While the equipment is kept as evidence, the party is not going to press charges. "That makes no sense after the coup," said Schotte.

During the press conference there was a small group of supporters present who regularly applauded and cheered the former prime minister, including when Schotte challenged the press to "bring out the truth." The truth according to Schotte is that a there is a sabotage campaign in progress against his party, where some media also participates. The  former prime minister recalled the “murder” of his dogs, whom he found dead in 2010 in his yard. "It's still not clear who did it," says Schotte.

Image: Jeu Olimpio

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