Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2013

LPS angry at King Willem-Alexander

gouden-koets-slaven-425THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – The National Platform Slavery History (LPS) is not concerned that the King Willem-Alexander still sat in the golden carriage on Tuesday during the opening of Parliament. Despite a call not to do so, the Dutch head of state just sat in the carriage. Also an apology for slavery was not given, to the disappointment of the LPS from. This is according to the Suriname newspaper De Ware Tijd.

"I think we are faced with the painful suffering of our ancestors. Every time I look at the golden carriage, I am overtaken with feelings of pain, sadness and impotence, "said LPS chairman Barryl Biekman to the Surinamese newspaper. “The LPS is annoyed that the public debate on the golden carriage is not raised in the Netherlands. The media and academics do not even mention the word,” according to Biekman.

The golden carriage is physical evidence that Dutch royal family has benefited from the stolen labor of Surinamese, Antillean and African ancestors.

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