Published On: Thu, Aug 30th, 2012

Majority in Parliament wants interim Government

WILLEMSTAD – The majority in Parliament wants a new interim Government before the elections of October 19, 2012.

This has been expressed in a letter to Governor Frits Goedgedrag.  These parties have requested from the Governor to start conversations with all those involved. According to the author of this letter, this interim Government should be composed of professionals who can guide the process of election and prepare the way for a new Government.

According to the majority in Parliament, there is absolutely no trust in the Government. After they have lost their support in the Parliament, they were suppose to resign and make way for the new majority to form a Government. Instead they dissolved Parliament and called for new elections.

Many are of the opinion that this Government called the elections as a vengeance against those who withdrew their support in Parliament. Mr. Eugene Cleopa MP, former member of the political party MAN, withdrew his support after disagreeing on the course the Government was taking. Mr. Dean Rozier MP, former member of the political party MFK, withdrew his support for the same reason as Mr. Cleopa. These two members were tired of the way political party Pueblo Soberano and its leader Helmin Wiels was dealing with the other two coalition partners MFK and MAN, accusing them of corruption.

Mr. Cleopa will continue his political career as a member of the political party PAIS headed by former Minister of Economic Development Mr. Alex Rosaria. Mr. Dean Rozier turned his back on politics and will focus again on his business.

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