Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

MAN MP Dannawi expresses concern about internal conflicts within his party

GassanWILLEMSTAD – “Even before our swearing in as new Members of Parliament things didn’t go well, and it is our fault,” said the new MP for the coalition partner MAN, Gassan Dannawi during a televised interview recently.

The reason is that the new ministers were sworn in without taking into account that most of them were in parliament. If they resign from parliament that means that the coalition would not have a majority anymore.

“The problem has to do with our own party. An internal problem resulted in what happened. The ministers took the oath of office, but they forgot about parliament,” Dannawi said.

The new MP also indicated that the opposition, on the other hand, should have cooperated. “We saw this in Sint Maarten were the opposition party formed a quorum in parliament to allow the new MPs to be sworn in and take their seats.”

“I believe we made mistakes and we accept those. Now we have to move forward. I also believe that it is time for the opposition together with the coalition parties to start doing what the people of the island wants us to do.”

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