Published On: Tue, Jun 20th, 2017

Management InselAir not involved in acquisition negotiations with Synergy

Schotte-Deal-InselAir-and-AviancaWILLEMSTAD - The management of the local airline InselAir is not involved in the negotiations and discussions on the acquisition of the company by Synergy Aerospace and they have not yet received an official statement about the state of affairs. This is according to the interim CEO of the company Juni Sluis.

According to Sluis, another team is working on creating a framework that will serve as the base with which the management has to negotiate. The talks currently held are under the supervision of the Minister of Economic Development, Steven Martina.

Curator Rogier van der Heuvel announced the acquisition yesterday. Synergy will not take over any debt and the company does not want the bridging loan from the government. The company wants InselAir’s routes, staff and licenses.

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