Published On: Tue, May 30th, 2017

McWilliam: “We must be able to claim for damages caused by oil spill”

giselle-mcwilliamWILLEMSTAD – According to the Member of Parliament for MAN, Giselle McWilliam, Curaçao must have professionals evaluate the damage caused by the oil spill and possibly claim the company that is responsible for this disaster. McWilliam reacted to the environmental problem Curaçao is confronting these days. According to the MP, she took note of this situation last week when reports came in about oil tar at the coast of Klein Curaçao.

“When I heard the news, I had the conviction, and I still do, that our concerned authorities are closely monitoring this situation,” said the MP. Organizations such as Carmabi and Stinapa were well aware of what was going on and they were monitoring the situation until the oil spill had reached Curaçao and Bonaire. Apparently the spill had caused damage to turtle nests in Klein Curaçao and also Bonaire. The two environmental organizations immediately took actions. “I really applaud their efforts to clean up the area as soon as possible.”

But, the MP indicated, Curaçao has to go to the Kingdom Council of Ministers in The Hague to see how they can deal with this situation. It is important to conduct an investigation into this oil spill to see exactly what the damages to the islands’ environment are and eventually claim Petrotrin which is in Trinidad and Tobago. “This type of claim is not new considering that a few years ago there was a multimillion dollar claim against Exxon for an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which caused a lot of damage to the coasts in U.S.A.

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