Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2018

MDPT disagrees with Standard & Poor’s

Clift-Christiaan-MDPTWILLEMSTAD - Clift Christiaan, chairman of the Multi-Disciplinary Project Team, which is the organization that is in charge of finding a strategic partner for the oil refinery, disagrees with the Standard & Poor's report. In the report, S & P writes that the opportunities for Curacao to find a new partner for the exploration of the refinery are decreasing. The rating agency finds the uncertain future for the refinery reason enough to lower the outlook of Curaçao from stable to negative. The high A-rating is retained. Christiaan does not understand why Standard & Poor's now comes to the conclusion that the chances of finding a new partner are decreasing. According to the MDPT chairman, little has changed compared to a year ago. That Guandong Zhenrong Energy (GZE) is no longer a takeover candidate, according to Christiaan, has few consequences and is a matter of perception. GZE was never a serious candidate according to him. Christiaan says that S & P has never spoken to the MDPT and wonders how the agency comes up with the information about the acquisition of the refinery.

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