Published On: Sat, Dec 8th, 2018

Menki Rojer calls for violent resistance

RojerWILLEMSTAD – Member of Parliament Menki Rojer of ‘Korsou di Nos Tur’ calls for violent resistance. He is convinced that the conviction of Gerrit Schotte is unjust and thinks that the population must rebel against it.

Rojer calls the conviction a political one because progressive politicians are stopped by justice. He even fears Schotte's life since in the past politicians also “walked into the prison and afterward were lying outside in a funeral car.”

Rojer thinks the punishments that Schotte received is far too high and regrets that nobody has opposed it. "People see injustice, but do not resist," said the politician. He believes that people must take up violence to combat injustice. Rojer thinks that he, as a parliamentarian, can call for violence: "Against injustice, violence is justified."

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