Published On: Thu, Oct 11th, 2012

MFK demands answer from Governor on screening Ministers Interim Government

WILLEMSTAD – The political party MFK through its president Amerigo Thode is demanding answers from his Excellency the Governor on the screening of the Ministers in the Interim Government.

Thode says that it has been 10 days now since the swearing in of the Interim Government and MFK has not received documents relevant to the formation and screening process. Thode says that not even the group of 12 received these documents. “Prime Minister Betrian just announced that the ministers have passed the screening, but did not give any detail on how this all went about”, according to Thode.

Thode also complaint that the Governor has sent letters to Anthony Godett MP and to the other members of parliament personally belonging to the “group of 12”, but no to the rest of the members of parliament and still that letter was basis for the decision to appoint a formateur. Thode continues complaining that they have only received part of Gruning and Koeyers’ advice and it was only after the minority of parliament had protested, the rest were received. On the same token, Thode said that there are many letters from Ivar Asjes directed to the Governor which were not answered.

Amerigo Thode demands answers on his letter dated September 24, 2012.

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