Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2012

MFK MP’s will stay true to party

WILLEMSTAD - MFK party chairman Amerigo Thode sent yesterday afternoon a letter to the media to show that the five members parliament for the MFK were chosen in the election on October 19 to remain faithful to the party and party leader Gerrit Schotte.

Since November 2, they are part of the MFK fraction in the new parliament. The letter states that these five 'sworn' on October 17 to be faithful to Movementu Futuro Kòrsou and that they will continue supporting their leader Schotte during the formation process. Probably the party, after it became second to former coalition partner Pueblo Soberano in the elections, thought this was necessary to contradict rumors about possible members leaving the MFK fraction to become independent.

For instance, yesterday the rumor was spread that that number two, Jacinta Constancia Scoop, former Minister of Health and Environment, would step out. But this was denied they directly by herself and she stated explicitly that "Jacinta is not for sale." The five who signed the letter are: Schotte himself, Scoop-Constancia, Gilmar 'Pik' Pisas, Monique Koeyers-Felida and Amerigo Thode.

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