Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

Minister Economic Development: “Still no decision on financial assistance local airline”

InselAirWILLEMSTAD – “There is still no decision and also no intention on a financial injection into the ailing local airline InselAir,” said the Minister of Economic Development Eugene Rhuggenaath. The Minister made this statement during the public meeting of the Parliament on InselAir.

The main agenda point of the public meeting was the financial situation of the local airline and the intention to use public funds to assist the private company. The MPs also discussed the committee that was installed to investigate a possible solution for the airline.

Rhuggenaath stressed, after receiving a question from Gerrit Schotte, that there is still no decision on how the government will help the airline and if the government will help. This is the reason why the committee of experts was installed to come with proposals for the government. The committee is doing this in close cooperation with InselAir.

Rhuggenaath also clarified the reason why the committee of experts was installed. “With the installation of this committee we want to come with a solution that will serve the general interest and also the general concern for this company,” said Rhuggenaath.

“Our intention is to come with come with a proposition on how to safeguard, in the first place, the connectivity between the islands, the route services, and the interconnectivity for the people of Curaçao that uses the airline.”

The Minister also indicated that his second intention is to have a solid local airline, especially seeing the macroeconomic impact the loss of this airline could have for the economy.

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