Published On: Tue, Sep 2nd, 2014

Minister of Justice does not want to talk nicely anymore

Navarro_SchotteWILLEMSTAD – “If anything happens to me, if I come out and I stumble and bump my head, the one who will be responsible for this is Mr. Gerrit Schotte. I walk outside and I am struck by lightning in my head, the one who will be responsible for this is Gerrit Schotte.” Remarkable words from the Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro. These and other statements were made by him on television and on the radio in the last week of July.

What follows is a summary proceeding of the former Prime Minister, who said that he will not accept this. He feels seriously affected in his honor and reputation and said in his speech: “In an atmosphere where tempers are high after the murder Helmin Wiels, these statements has put my life and my family in danger.”

In the television interview, Navarro, according to Schotte, insinuates that he would be linked to organized crime or the criminal underworld and that the case in which he is a suspect is about this criminal underworld. Schotte continues:

“Navarro gives the impression that as a minister, he has information from his departments and officials under his responsibility that indicate that I’m one of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. In the radio interview, Navarro suggested that I'm involved in the murder of Wiels and that I'm a heavy criminal, who has made an attempt on his life,” Schotte said.

The outcome of the lawsuit is as remarkable as the words of the Minister of Justice. Those who don’t analyze the verdict may think that Gerrit Schotte won the case. The court concludes that the terms used (in the first sentence of this article) can be seen as a serious allegation, as conceived.

“He (Navarro) accuses Schotte of being a criminal willing and able to get rid of a political opponent. For such an accusation, there must be sufficient evidences, certainly when it comes from the Minister of Justice, who is expected to have more information than any citizen.”

But those who further analyze the verdict, recognizes another statement which does not need to be rectified. There, according to the court, freedom of expression prevails:

“The statements on television are not considered unlawful and the right to freedom of expression prevails in this case. This option takes into account that Schotte, as a politician, in principle should have greater tolerance towards these kind of statements that are made ​​about him and will have to put up with hard and few uncomplimentary criticisms,” according to the verdict.

Navarro: "It's something I've said in the press conference as well as in several interviews and even in parliament. We find ourselves in a situation where the underworld has made its debut in the upper world. I said that because all the information I receive from the various services that fall under me clearly indicate that organized crime has found fertile soil in Curacao to scatter their mess.

The time has come to stop talking nicely, Navarro said. “The intelligence agency whispers in my ears and I talk, and it’s ok with the judge…

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