Published On: Fri, Sep 14th, 2012

Minister Spies worried about situation in Curacao

WILLEMSTAD - Minister Liesbeth Spies (Kingdom Relations) is concerned about the developments in Curacao, where the Parliament has deposed the demissionary government of Prime Minister Schotte. "Every normal person, including the Minister of Kingdom Relations, would worry about the situation."

This was according to Spies after their weekly cabinet meeting. "It's always a surprise what happens in Curaçao," she added to it.

Furthermore, she called the situation in which a majority of the parliamentarians called a meeting themselves to accuse the former President of Parliament of dictatorial behavior, bizarre. "It is bizarre that there are two parliaments now, each with their own president."

Must break impasse fast
Spies said that it is up to the Dutch politics to find solutions for Curaçao. The political crisis in Curacao takes too long though. She hopes that the impasse can be resolved quickly. According to Spies this situation cannot continue until October 19, it is not in the interest of the population. On that day, there are elections scheduled.

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