Published On: Wed, Sep 26th, 2012

Monk: Netherlands supports coup in Curacao

WILLEMSTAD - Demissionary Minister of Education, Carlos Monk, considers that the Netherlands currently supports a coup by Governor Frits Goedgedrag against the Government. Monk asks in a Spanish language video for international support for the current government.

The video was sent yesterday to international media and posted on youtube. Since August 2 our island has a demissionary government. On October 19 there will be elections for a new parliament. Monk and other ministers are angry that a majority in parliament still wants an interim government and Governor Goedgedrag appointed a formateur on Monday.

Imaginary parliament
The demissionary Minister calls the current situation a "coup of an imaginary parliament", which is supported by the Dutch government. According to him, the governor was sent by the Netherlands and politicians in The Hague disagree with "the anti-colonial attitude of the current government," which according to him is much more critical compared previous administrations on the island. Monk hopes that the current government of Curacao receives support from like-minded governments in the region and Latin America.

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