Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

More problems for coalition partner PNP

DavelaarWILLEMSTAD – The free traveling with the German airline AirBerlin of two members of the Curaçao Tourist Development Foundation (CTDF) has led to serious tensions with the coalition party PNP led by Member of Parliament, Humphrey Davelaar. One of the two members, Erwin Eustacia, was appointed by the party to that post.

The party leader said, during a radio talk show, that his party has asked Mr. Eustacia in an official letter to resign from this post since his actions were not according to the party’s principles.

Davelaar said that he agrees with the decision of the Board. He also said that he’s not able to force Eustacia to resign, but that there would be action if no answer is given to the request of the board.

Eustacia indicates that Davelaar has personal issues against him. “He wants war because in the past, I expressed criticism of his leadership.” Eustacia also indicates that the party has retracted the letter requesting his resignation.

According to Eustacia the letter addressed to him by the board of PNP was withdrawn after a conversation with CTB last week, which revealed that the case was not serious enough to have his resignation as a consequence.

Last week, the media reported about board members of the CTDF, Erwin Eustacia and Marine Van Eps (representing the PAIS party), who have used the free tickets from Air Berlin. Van Eps resigned immediately and repaid the amount of the tickets.

Eustacia refused to resign and said that he did nothing wrong. He also said that CTB Director Hugo Clarinda gave his approval for the use of the ticket.

In the meantime, the CTDF has asked an internal auditor to begin an investigation into the policies being used within the CTB for the use of tickets from Air Berlin. Until that is completed, Eustiacia will keep a low profile, as he has indicated to the media.

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