Published On: Thu, Nov 1st, 2018

More questions about deal between Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and Venezuela

Venezuelan-Vice-President-Tareck-El-Aissami-Stef-BlokTHE HAGUE - The Members of Parliament for the Dutch party CDA and the D66 Martijn van Helvert and Sjoerd Sjoerdsma respectively want details about the deal between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom Stef Blok and Venezuela. Minister Stef Blok signed an agreement with the Venezuelan vice president Tareck El Aissami in March which opened the borders between Venezuela and ABC islands. Last week, the socialist party also had questions about the deal: the MPs for the SP wanted to know if the borders had been opened in exchange for direct return of refugees to Venezuelans.

According to Van Helvert and Sjoerdsma who now want answers, El Aissami is guilty of torture and violation of human rights. That is why the EU has imposed sanctions against El Aissami on June 25. Blok would have known about the sanctions before he signed an agreement in Venezuela.

Van Helvert (CDA) and Sjoerdsma (D66) asked him when the intention to sanction against El Aissami from the EU became known to the ministry. They also wonder what role the intention to sanction El Aissami has played signing an agreement with him.

PvdA Member of Parliament and former Minister of Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen previously asked parliamentary questions about the ZEMBLA broadcast. To date, no answer has been given yet.

Photo: Blok and El Aissami (archive)

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